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Mermarella - Cinderella of the Sea

Puppetry and Shadow Theatre For Families


From one of its earliest beginnings in ancient Egypt, a story best known across the globe as Cinderella shape-shifts its common threads into the world of the seas; linking nations and hosting secret sea creatures from both fresh water and salt water

...Mermarella is not the same creature as those she serves, who envy her gifts. She is kidnapped and taken to where they dwell - not far from where the fresh green waters of the Nile flow into the blue salt waters of the Mediterranean.

She craves for acceptance in the salt water world - but will she ever be the same and find love again in this foreign kingdom? Must she really become something else to achieve her dream, or might her differences enchant and inspire the dances everyone shares?

Puppetry, shadow theatre and acting bring this comic tale to its modern day outcome, aimed at thinking families and the young at heart of all ages.

Duration 30 minutes

Available as repeat perfomances and/or with an accompanying interactive installation... what might the audience want to happen next in the story???

Directed by Steve Tiplady
Performed by Anna Ingleby with Frances Allison, Rachel Harris or Zoe Hughes
Original Music by Phil Codd
Written by Frances Allison with Julian Woodford
Characters designed by Anna Ingleby
Mermaid creations supported by Nick Barnes (thanks to Assemble Fest 2017)
Rope hair designs by Mary Credland

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Anna Ingleby
Telephone: +44 (0)7855 328552

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