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Indigo Moon is a Puppet Theatre company which has toured Theatres, Festivals and Schools nationally and internationally since 2001. Though continuing to tour, in Autumn 2012 they moved into the new “Indigo Moon Studio Theatre” at Scrapstore Studios, Dairycoates Avenue, Hull HU3 5DB.


Indigo Moon wish to promote meaningful expression and open up new worlds, either through their subject matter, their puppets, or through inventive use of simple techniques which can inspire others. Performances use (either alone or in combination) Marionettes, Rod Puppets, Shadow Theatre, live acting and music. Company members also have rich experience of working in education. A variety of workshops are available for children of all abilities. Training sessions and Seminars are particularly suitable for teachers or students of drama / expressive arts and teacher education courses.

Visit profiles page to see information on our freelance team.


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